Mount Meru

Mount Meru, at 4,566m, is the second highest mountain in Tanzania. From Arusha it look like an almost perfect cone, however from the east can be seen the results of volcanic activity, which blew away the top and eastern side of the mountain. The volcano is now classed as dormant, although earth tremors still occur, and the most recent minor eruption was in 1910.

Mount meru is often used as an acclimatization trip before attempting Kilimanjaro. However it is a rewarding climb in its own right Several distinct zones are passed through on the way to the summit: evergreen forest, thinning with altitude, beginning at 1800m; higher forest, including tall bamboo, home to duiker, blue monkeys and black and white colobus; approaching 3000m the forest gives way to floral meadows, home to giraffe, buffalo and warthog; a zone of giant lobelia and groundsel; above 3400m is alpine desert, where the sound of white-necked ravens is often heard above the noise of the wind.   A Mount Meru climb is usually done over three days, two up, one down; an extra day would help acclimatization and give time to enjoy the spectacular views. Although not so much of a problem as on Kilimanjaro, altitude sickness symptoms should be taken seriously.

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